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          Welcome to the Construction Informer construction blog –?featuring news, information and commentary for contractors

          Find great workers with these five tactics

          Construction’s perennial labor problem won’t be solved by the industry any time soon. Use these tactics to tame your labor woes and find great workers.

          Construction Industry Gift Guide

          This massive construction gift giving guide will save you time, trouble and money during the holidays and throughout the year.

          4 Common Drywall Issues and How to Repair Them

          Learn widely-accepted and easy ways to fix four common drywall issues before you start to paint.

          The Punch List Didn't Just Magically Show Up on Construction Sites

          Enter?the Realms of Conjecture and OpinionI've often wondered just where the term "punch list" came from, and I've found a few sources that seem to make sense, while others not so much. One person?claims it came from the telephone installer process of “punching down”...

          Compare 4 Low Cost Oscillating Tool Kits

          Compare oscillating tool kits to find the tool features, accessories and blades that fit your needs at the price you can afford.

          Use Coaching to Speed Up Employee Development

          Promoting from within a company has a lot of benefits. Current employees understand the company culture, know the ropes, are known to you, and the paperwork already exists.?So when you don't have a better candidate there is some basic stuff there to work with....

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